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HRC Chapter Officers  (Executive Committee and Committee Chairs)

Last Update: 31 Dec 17

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EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                            

President MG Frank Batts (USA Ret)
VP Operations Vacant  
VP Administration LTC Joe Harris
Recording Secretary Vacant
Correspondence  Secretary  LTC Toney Mooney (USA Ret)
Historian Vacant  
Parliamentarian &
General Counsel
LTC Chuck Holden (USA Ret)
Chaplain Chaplain (LTC) Juan Crockett
Treasurer CW2 Ketura Mosley
Assistant Treasurer Vacant
Advisor COL Julius Coats (USA Ret)
Advisor MG Wallace Arnold (USA Ret)
Advisor MAJ Hubert Becton (USA Ret)



COMMITTEE CHAIRS                                                                                            

Ways and Means Vacant  
Finance COL Chuck Boaz (USA Ret)
Hospitality Vacant  
Membership LTC John James Jr. (USA Ret)
Publicity Vacant  
Leadership & Outreach Vacant
Scholarship COL David Glover (USA Ret)
Programs Vacant  

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