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Please click on the links below and you will be directed to the chair pages for the national committees. 

      BG(R) Earl M. Simms, USA - Chairman
      MG(R) Fredric Leigh, USA - Vice Chairman
      Mrs. Delores Johnson-Davis, SES - VP, Civilian Affairs
      Ms. Karen Wrancher, - VP, Communications & Publications
      BG(R) Clara L. Adams-Ender - VP, Corporate Outreach
      COL Eric P. Flowers, USA - VP, Finance
      COL(R) Angie Hemingway, USA - VP, Membership Development
      COL(R) Austin D. Bell, USA - VP, Mentorship
      COL Aaron Dean, ANG USAR - VP, National Guard & Reserve Affairs
      MG(R) Reuben D. Jones, USA - VP, ROTC Programs
      COL Dorene Hurt, USA - VP, Programs and Strategic Planning
      COL(R) L. Anita Dixon, USA - VP, Transitioning Members & Veteran Affairs
      COL(R) Frank Francois, III, USA - Historian
      LTC(R) James Clarke, USA - Secretary
      MAJ(R) Horace McClerklin, USA - General Counsel

      Chapter Representatives

      MAJ Hubert Becton, Hampton Roads

      MAJ Eric Lightfoot, Fort Sam Houston, TX

      CW4 Roderick Pickett, Fort Bliss, TX

      Up to 5 Chapter Representatives serve as Representatives to the National Board for 1 year based on their nomination by their Chapter and approval during the annual election process. This is a key role and represents the National Board's commitment to transparency interest in Chapters participating in ROCKS National Board processes. If sufficient nominations by the Chapters do not occur or the Chapter appointees are not available to consistently participate, the National Board Chairman may appoint other Chapter Representatives who are willing to serve from any Chapter for up to one year.

      National Board Volunteers 
      LTC Natasha S Clarke, USA
      MAJ E. Sean Lanier, USA - ROTC Programs

      BG Velma Richardson, USA, Ret. - National Fundraising Director

      MAJ Mishenda Siggal, USA 
      COL Debra A Thedford, USA, Ret. - Corporate Outreach
      CPT Jessica Wilkins, USA - Transitioning Members & Executive Affairs