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Ms. Karen Wrancher
VP, Communications & Publications
Key Responsibilities

• Responsible for collaborating with National Board members to develop The ROCKS, Inc. communication strategy to broaden awareness of our programs and priorities and increase visibility of our programs across key stakeholder audiences.


• Contribute to the organizational strategic planning process.


• Develop and distribute a comprehensive communications plan that promotes, enhance, and protects the organization's brand reputation.


• Responsible for developing, integrating, and implementing a broad range of public relations activities relative to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership.


• Serve as an ambassador for the organization to advance the organization's position with relevant constituents, as well as to drive broader awareness and support for the organization.


• Responsible for producing integrated communications products to include the ROCKET newsletter, other print publications, marketing materials and online communications. Recruit, mentor and support a communications team to support the development and execution of the communications strategy.


• Provide assistance and serve as mentor to selected Chapters/Interest Groups.


• Create marketing/public relations strategy that will allow The ROCKS, Inc., to cultivate and enhance meaningful relationships with targeted, high-level external audiences, including the media and key influencers.


• Identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the organization. Work with the National Board, Chapters/Interest Groups and members to recognize internal and external communications opportunities and solutions, and define and execute appropriate strategies to support them.


• Work closely with individuals and committees within the organization as the communications partner on a variety of strategic initiatives.


• Participate in selected committees and working groups to advance the goals of the organization.

Key Goals:

• Publish 4 ROCKET Newsletters.


• Increase visibility of ROCKS efforts and contributions to strengthen the officer and senior civilian corps.

• Develop new, and update current information and marketing materials, including working collaboratively with National Board members, Chapters and Interest Groups to produce Rocks materials that provide consistent messages.


• Leverage the power of social media to advance achieving ROCKS goals and objectives. Examples include: the African American Officers website, PSAs, MOAA. AUSA, various newspapers, including  the Afro-American newspaper.


• Support Chapters and Interest Groups including assistance, problem resolution, and serving as the National Board Mentor for assigned and selected unassigned Chapters & Interest Groups.