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Austin D. Bell
 Key Responsibilities

As the VP for Mentorship, I am responsible for: 


    1.     Development of the ROCKS, Inc. Mentorship Program. 


    2.     Promulgation of the program to the membership. 


    3.     Adoption of the program by the Chapters/Interest Groups.


    4.     Ensuring adherence to the program's policies & procedures that results in effective mentoring of our junior Officer & DA Civilian members across all ROCK, Inc. organizations, so as to set them on the path to a successful career.



Goals for 2017 

  • Update the ROCKS, Inc. Mentorship Program Policy and Procedure Manual and distribute to Chapters/Interest Groups.
  • Facilitate a heightened level of awareness of the ROCKS, Inc. Mentorship Program among the membership by publishing an excerpt on mentorship in each edition of the ROCKET during 2017.
  • Ensure the program is promulgated to all Chapters/Interest Groups and is a topic of discussion during all monthly meetings by reviewing Chapter/Interest Groups Quarterly Reports that now require them to report out on mentorship program status.
  • Insert ROCKS, Inc. Mentorship Program status as a topic of discussion during all joint National Board/Chapters/Interest Groups teleconferences.
  • Seek to achieve at least a 80% active participation rate of the program by Chapters/Interest Groups in 2017 through review of comments on mentorship program status contained in Quarterly Reports.
  • Complete a mentorship program Annual Assessment Report in January 2018 that assesses the status of implementing/inculcating the mentorship program across the organization.
  • Actively mentor the Fort Bragg & Leavenworth Chapters to ensure adherence to National Board policies and assist in mitigating issues/problems that arise.
  • Create a brochure about the mentorship program and distribute to Army General Officers and other key Army stakeholders.


Mentorship Information