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Buffalo Soldier Chapter Leadership!
Executive Officers (Permanent Party)
President                                                              LTC Irvin W. Jackson
Vice President                                                              Vacant
Secretary                                                                       Vacant
Treasurer                                                               Dr. Charles Darden               
Committee Chairs*
Event Coordinator                                                Mr. Dwayne Wagner              
Community/Outreach                                                Vacant
Ways & Means Coordinator                                      Vacant
Awards/Scholarship Coordinator                               Vacant

*Remaining Committee Chairs are to be announced. 
Chapter Advisors
Advisor                                                                   Mr.  Dwayne Wagner       
Advisor                                                                   Dr. Charles Darden         
Executive Board  
President                                                                CPT(P) Wayne Griffin 
Vice-President (OPS)         CPT(P) Louis Hare                               
Vice-President (ADMIN)                                          CPT(P) Marki Baskin
Student Advisor                                                       MAJ William Branch
Secretary                                                                MAJ Alicia King
Treasurer                                                                CPT(P) LaCarla Fetzer

Committee Chairs

Membership       MAJ Shani Thompson
Mentorship CPT(P) Bennetta Hamm                       
CPT(P) Tamara Dasilva
Event Coordinator               Vacant
Community Outreach       CPT(P) Samineo Myers 
Ways and Means       MAJ Marquessa Keith  
Scholarships       MAJ Elizabeth Cantrell     
Social Action                  CPT(P) Dezerie Jemmott     
Public Affairs                    CPT(P) Victoria Edwards Parrish